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Bicycle accident attorneys and advocates have been instrumental in persuading communities to establish bicycle lanes on the roadways. For those riders using the roadways, however, they are increasingly becoming the victims of inattentive or uncaring motor vehicle drivers.

Even with more bike lanes being constructed, there are those drivers who fail to respect bicyclists who have every right to share the roadways. A few common types of collisions that result in injuries to a cyclist include:

  • A motor vehicle turning in front of cyclist
  • A motorist failing to see a cyclist when driving past or turning;
  • A driver failing to stop at a stop sign or traffic signal;
  • A driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Bicyclists must obey all traffic laws while on a roadway, including making full stops at stop signs and waiting for a green traffic signal. A cyclist’s failure to obey the basic traffic laws may hinder their ability to make a credible injury claim, but a bicycle accident attorney may help you to determine your rights.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that 52,000 bicyclists were injured in traffic accidents in 2008, accounting for about 2 percent of all traffic accidents. To minimize the risks, there are some common sense steps to take:

  • Wear a helmet;
  • Stay in the bike lane if there is one;
  • Ride defensively and assume that a vehicle alongside you or approaching you is not aware of you;
  • Ride in the direction of traffic;
  • Have an adult ride with your child or do not allow them in the street.

Bicycle accident lawyers can assist you even if you or your child has not been obeying the traffic laws and is injured by a motor vehicle. If the accident occurred in a residential area where there are large numbers of cyclists and children present, the driver should have been aware of their presence and taken steps to be more cautious. An injured cyclist will probably need the advice of competent bicycle accident lawyers to assist them in such a claim.

What to do after a bicycle accident:

Following an accident, it is essential to get all contact and insurance information of the involved driver and the identifying information of all witnesses. Taking photographs of the accident scene, if possible, is extremely helpful. Do not repair your bicycle or throw away your helmet if it was damaged as these items often contain vital clues in determining liability.

Bicycle injury attorneys should always be consulted in the event of an accident. Many times, a defective design or negligent assembly of a bike may account for a serious accident. In such situations, a bicycle accident law firm can properly investigate this possibility and file the appropriate claims.

Bicycle accident attorneys can, through expert investigation, refute any contention that the cyclist was responsible for the injury accident. With professional expertise and the knowledge of how to deal with skeptical insurance companies, bicycle accident lawyers can adequately advise any injury victim.

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